Jennifer Lopez has had a banner year, between Hustlers, an international tour, and getting engaged to A-Rod, but she points out in tonight’s Saturday Night Live monologue that she’s had banner years for most of her career. Donning a downright dashing tuxedo, JLo reminded us that she’s set to play the upcoming Superbowl halftime show and that she celebrated her 50th birthday recently, promptly making Beck Bennett’s head explode. She then delivered a pep talk that may inspire even the weariest of hearts. “The best is yet to come. People try to write you off, it’s all B.S. None of us have a shelf life. Seriously, look at me. They tried to count me out so many times. But look at me. I’m still here.” Of course, she then broke out into song, dancing with the Rockettes before doing a quick-change into the Versace dress that literally created Google Images twenty years ago. We would say she’s back, but as she points out, she never left.

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Jennifer Lopez is Here to Stay in SNL Monologue