On Day 29, we shop! It is Black Friday, aka the Superbowl of Shopping, and this is, in my opinion, the most fun you can have outside of Disneyland. Whether you’re shopping online (duh) or actually braving the crowds in-store (shudder), the one thing we’ll really need to get right is our outfit. It has a very important job to do—maximize. shopping. efficiency. Can you imagine missing out on the Shopbop or Dermstore sale due to a wardrobe malfunction? My actual nightmare. These sales won’t shop themselves, so let’s get to it.

FYI, check out my shortlist of the best-of-the-best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales HERE!

Each year during the 30 Dresses in 30 Days series, I don a sporty look perfect for attending one of the most fun occasions of the winter—a Superbowl party! This year, the day in the series normally alotted to Superbowl happened to land on Black Friday… which made me laugh. How fitting, right? Clearly the universe wanted me to focus this theme on my own personal Superbowl—Black Friday. So, while I’m choosing to focus today’s theme on the epic days of shopping (because I am who I am after all), this is also likely what I’ll be wearing on Superbowl Sunday as well come February.

This dress is designed perfectly for maximum shopping longevity. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or laser focused on the best bargains across the web, you better believe there will be no restricting fabrics or itchy embellishmentsI don’t even want to hear about a zipper today. It’s all about comfort, and this is the perfect dress.

This is AG’s Chelden turtleneck dress made of mid-weight jersey in a classic black and white stripe pattern. In case you haven’t noticed (snap out of that turkey coma, it’s game day!) it’s included in the enormous Shopbop sale

You’ll notice how the slightly slouchy fabric and extended length allows for maximum movement when bending down to locate a pair of denim in your size from a massive folded stack. Alternatively, it’s also a supremely comfortable option if you’re shopping from your couch and your primary movement involves bending down to the bottom drawer of the refrigerator where you’ve hidden the best leftovers. Either way, this dress is a winner and basically feels like you’re wearing a nightgown. If braving the elements, the convenient turtleneck protects the neck region from winter’s chill without requiring a cumbersome scarf that you’ll likely lose somewhere inside a store anyway. And, the slimness of the dress allows you to try on outerwear outside a dressing room with ease. Is it a dress, or battle armor? Hard to say.

As far as accessories go, I’ve called in my varsity squad because we can’t have any mishaps. I am wearing a black baseball cap to keep my head warm, my hair out of my face while shopping, and also to provide a convenient haven for hair that absolutely did not get washed this morning. I’ve got a black crewneck sweatshirt in case I get cold but otherwise it’s just moonlighting as a kind of belt around my waist. My shoes are a beloved pair of white Golden Goose All Stars with gold glitter star embellishments that have been selected for their comfort and also because they make me smile when I look downward. (FYI, lots of Golden Goose is on sale today and I’m obsessed with this pair!) My bag needs to be an unencumbering vessel for holding little more than my phone and credit card, so my trusty YSL leopard is servicing nicely. 

Below, a few more sporty dresses, perfect for an epic day of shopping or the actual Superbowl. Maybe both?

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3 thoughts on “Black Friday: The Superbowl Of Shopping”

  1. Love this outfit. I can see this being on repeat constantly. I do have to know, where did you get those hoops and chunky necklace? Love them.

  2. Love the look! What can you tell about your necklaces and earrings?

  3. your outfits are my style inspo! love all the looks